Som sagt

Try now, to understand
Sometimes we all need a helping hand
So don't cry now behind your door
Asking the stars what we're living for
I will show you
How you
Get to the shelter of peace
Where our minds are at ease
And believe me
Love is the reason we're here

Smile now, wipe off your tears
It's only human to show your fears
So don't hide now your innocence
Lean on my shoulder with confidence
I'll console you
Hold you
'til all your agony's gone
And I'm sure that you're strong
So believe me
Love is the reason we're here

Take me along for a cosmic trip
Leave the earth on a flying ship
Empty skies are every where
Life will be so lonely here
In the silent Milkyway
Where the trees can't grow
And children can't play
Tell me who's gonna stay

You say there is a better place
Than this earth we walk and the sky we face
Must be more than the atmosphere
Tell me why we're stranded here
On this planet close to Mars
Where the shining stars
Decide who we are

Hear me, I wish to say
Sometimes our needs are a touch away
So don't fear me, I've also cried
I know how it feals to be pushed aside
You must trust me
Touch me
There is no cause for your doubts
What this world is about
And believe me
Love is the reason whe're here

..det var det där jag "förstod" då, nästan chockartat/mirakulöst. Hur allt "hörde samman" -SYFTET. Förstod att att ens KUNNA SE tecken-arketyper är en PSYKOS.

Fortfarande -IMITERAD "mystik" -ingen religion (hyllande av solen!)


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