Jag är väl medveten om den låga relevansen i de flesta "horoskopstolkningar" som är skrivna för massan, och inte fokuserar på helheten/individen. Men den här texten har sin charm, tillsammans med en reflektion över min extremt dominanta Saturnus-energi.

Saturn: If the lord of the 3rd is Saturn or Saturn is in the 3rd house, in sect and dignified or received, then the agnoia created by the darkness is dispelled and becomes great wisdom, especially with age. If Saturn is out of sect here, but dignified, they stumble upon occult knowledge accidentally, following unconventional academic standards in very difficult areas of study and achieve great wisdom, but with less recognition, often feeling like they grope for knowledge in the dark. In both cases, the native enjoys endless hours in isolation in darkened rooms contemplating and studying the mysteries, and are often in possession of knowledge dangerous to the established ways because this place is heretical to established faith. In general, the native moves about the neighborhood ponderously with eyes downcast, not seeing or reacting to the opportunities that might randomly pop up (zombies represent the extreme of this type of energy). Because Saturn is the most superior visible planet and most ponderous in motion, all the natives relatives apply to him/her not the other way around. Though Saturn may be in the best of dignity, few with this figure escape an interruption in their education, and it is a near certainty if Saturn is afflicted, though many go on contemplating forever, as though they had credentials. If debilitated there is the danger of seeing things only in black and white and communication may be disjoint to the point of stuttering. The native often feels isolated from God and neighbors due to Saturns cold nature. Often they wander aimlessly from place to place, suffering constant inconveniences in their daily routine, and minor inhibitions in their movement.


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