JÄVLAR -jag säger bara det. Men dåså.

16 +/- 11 +/- 14, is still THE SAME STORY EVER TOLD.

The strength of one who attacks has in the opposition, he needs a kind of gauge; every growth reveals itself in the seeking out of a potential opponent -or problem: for a philos­opher who is warlike also challenges problems to a duel. -Neitzsche.

Taking the long way around    or    the road to hell?

Tunnel vision, -and the barometer....

shortcuts, ..to a desired end......

[25 Feb 2008, 20:28 -i rasande fart.. (Storstädning!)]

H A R D    W O R K

Something ....divine, pushing.

Running or fighting? One, two, do you hear me? Just testing.

[r e m e m b e r i n g -thought I told you]

The journey..

..sand in my shoes ...shining... ..changing..  ..closer my blood..

Mind, Heart, Soul ..is where I'll go -QUICK. Genuine human as I am.


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